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Outdoor Landscape Lighting & home lighting

Carroll’s Landscape Design and Build provides professional outdoor landscape lighting that adds beauty, character and safety to your home or business. Path lights, home and stonework accent lighting, Hardscape lighting,  and ornamental tree and planting lighting will enhance the styling of your home.  Landscape lighting is a lasting, beautiful investment for your home’s exterior. We can also assist you with upgrading your existing landscape lighting system with energy efficient solutions or retrofitting solutions to LED.  Most new are Led which means lower cost and longer bulb replacement life.

Most new lighting transformers are Wifi technology which means the system can be controlled with any tablet, I phone or computer. 


Our Landscape Lighting Services Include:

  • Landscape lighting design plans

  • Landscape lighting installation

  • Conversion of existing landscape lighting systems to energy efficient LED systems

  • Upgrades and equipment changes

  • Signage

  • LED 

  • Wifi and Bluetooth controlled 

  • Campus lighting

  • Fountain/Courtyard lighting

…and more!



We look forward to serving all your landscape lighting design and installation needs!


Used for in ground applications and for up lighting for trees, columns, houses, and architectural features when an above ground fixture is not desired. 


Low profile fixture that fits under overhangs in wall cap and stairs as well as other hardscape applications.


Is used for a variety of application. Up light architectural features on a home, stonework or columns. Up light landscape trees or shadow trees against a backdrop such as your home.


Is used for illuminating pathways, walkways, patios, driveways, planting beds and pool areas. 


Is used to convert outside lighting to low voltage fro use with direct burial wire. transformers have built in timers, wifi and Bluetooth capabilities 

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